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Is Your Microwave Oven Eco-Friendly?

By Sebrina Zerkus Smith |
Recently, I had to replace my microwave oven and I began to wonder how eco-friendly they really are.  Read on to find out...

With a few common sense guidelines, a microwave oven can be a great eco-addition to your kitchen.

Ever since Percy LeBaron Spencer accidentally melted a candy bar while conducting an experiment, the microwave oven has been saving time and thrilling housewives the world over.  These days, I can’t think of a household that doesn’t have one.  But since I recently had to replace mine, I began to wonder how eco-friendly microwave ovens really are.  Read on to find out...

2Microwave ovens save energy.
They cook quickly and efficiently, and use less energy than their traditional kitchen partners like the oven or stove.

Microwave ovens are recyclable.
According to The Green Miles, parts of every microwave, like metal and glass, are recyclable.  Contact your county’s Solid Waste Disposal Bureau for more info.

Microwave ovens are safe.
Especially if you already have or purchase a newer model microwave, like the LG Electronics 2.0 Cu. Ft. Countertop Microwave Oven, they are certified safe by the FDA. The FDA continually tests microwaves for the presence of harmful levels of radiation, and limits the amount of microwaves that can leak from an oven throughout its lifetime. If you have an older model, and feel unsure about it’s safety, you can spend just $10 for a consumer-grade testing kit to check for leaks.

Tips to make your micro even more eco-friendly...

Use eco-smart containers.
Using eco-friendly food containers instead of plastic containers will protect your health and the environment.  Plastic containers can release harmful chemicals when heated, and plastic that has been in contact with food is refused by many recycling centers. Switching to eco-friendly food containers just makes more sense.

Be a short order cook.
One of the microwave’s best features is shortened cooking times, so make the most of it.  Use the shortest amount of time to do the job and you’ll save energy and valuable food nutrients, too!

The bottom line? With a few common sense guidelines, a microwave oven can be a great eco-addition to your kitchen.

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  • Tammy W. 7 years ago
    It is always good to learn new things and I have just done that by reading this. I knew about plastic and it heating up (water bottles in a hot car) but never put it together with heating in a microwave....Thank you and will get some eco plastics for my kitchen and my family, thank you.
  • chris g. 7 years ago
    I got rid of my microwave as they are bad for you. over a year ago we switched to a more "natural, chemical free life" and in all the books and research I have done, microwaves were one of the things to go on the list. In some countries they are actually banned. Instead we use a toaster oven. I have not missed the microwave ONCE and we save energy as the clock that was on all the time, now is no more!
  • ava w. 7 years ago
    i have a large collection of cast iron pans and pot. some i have given to family. if seasoned right they cook as well as none stick pans.
  • Laurel K. 7 years ago
    Just got a new microwave. (Almost two week without it.) A lot of cheap ones had horrible doors. The sale people looked at me like I was a loon to open and close all the door several times. The one we purchased light only comes on when you hit start. It turns off when you open the door or hit cancel. I'm still getting use to it. But now I will never feel guilt to leave the door open after I take something out. The old glass turn table tray works in the new one. It was a keeper to have a spare tray. I so much wanted one that had a broiler like our first microwave. Looked at the convection microwaves too. But it was not worth the cost for the poorly designed models they are producing now. One had a metal ring with three legs to balance the glass tray just to broil. Try balancing your food on that! Our first microwave had a removable rack just for this. Who is designing microwaves now? Childern? Hopefully they will grow up and design better ones in ten years.
  • Alexander R. 7 years ago
    I use only glass containers. They are safer for the food.
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