Live Green and Earn Points


  • tommy b. 6 years ago
  • Ruth C. 6 years ago
    I am even cheaper than the author. Though I live in St. Louis City, I have friends in the country and got worms at their farms. We had to find manure that the chickens could not reach. I keep the worms in "Rubbermaid" boxes under my sink.
  • tommy b. 6 years ago
  • Phyllis L. 9 years ago
    Liked that article.
  • Warren B. 9 years ago
    My wife and I bought a house in an old development where all the top soil was missing and there were no worms. Our block was very small with large oak tress and there were no worms. We started raising worms in a box under our kitchen sink. Over several years the project grew into groups of 4 wooden shipping pallets standing on edge and tied together in our backyard. We filled each bin with layers of tree leaves, worms/garbage, and grass clippings. Several times a year I would water the bins and turn the compost over. Some of the worms crawled away. Most of the worms were relocated when ever I sperad the compost around the yard.
    Twenty-four years later we have moved and the whole block has lots of worms in each yard. In the spring there are a lot of robins now
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