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  • tommy b. 2 years ago
  • erica m. 2 years ago
    Is surface composting OK? Just toss the kitchen plant scraps and egg shells out in the mulch bed and within a week they disappear? Might be a strategy in neighborhoods with HOAs that are anti-composting.
  • Carla N. 3 years ago
    I rinse, dry, and crush egg shells, then add them to coffee beans when I grind them. The egg shell minimizes bitterness in the coffee. The egg shell/grounds combo then gets sprinkled around acid loving plants.
  • lisa p. 3 years ago
    All my adult life I have been saving used egg shells but have always toasted them in the toaster oven to bake off any potential Salmonella and then grind them up and either mix them with soil or scatter them where the local birds peck for Grit in the driveway. the birds do consume the crushed eggshells and it helps them to get the calcium they need for making new eggs of their own. Also, used Tea and Coffee are good for adding back nutrients to your gardens.
  • NAncy Lee B. 3 years ago
    Even if you don't have a garden here in NY city compost centers take eggs shells so they can become park become compost for city trees. Local community gardens take them for compost as well (where I live , check in your area) so another option if you don't have a personal garden.
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