Live Green and Earn Points


  • Elaine F. 9 years ago
    putting plastic at the windows.
  • Lola M G. 10 years ago
    I am renting an old home. I have put the foam behind the plug and switch plates and film on windows. I find the best option is wearing more clothing in winter an using the ceiling fans I installed during the winter.
  • Marjorie B. 10 years ago
    I put a draft dodger on my basement door that stays on the door when you open and close. Very convenient, keeps my kitchen much warmer and stops my dog's hair from going down the basement! Everybody wins!
  • Cynthia M. 10 years ago
    I plan to install new energy saving windows through out my home.
  • Nicole M. 10 years ago
    We planted tall shrubs strategically to block the wind -keeping our home warmer.
    We also planted our trees strategically so that they would shade our home during the hottest part of the summer days, but shed their leaves and not block the sun in the winter when we need the sun to help warm our home. We just had our home built a year & a half ago so we chose spray foam insulation and had our home wired before the foam was sprayed in (so there are no holes in the insulation. Our programmable thermostat lets our home get cooler when we're at work and when we're sleeping, but warms it up a bit before we get home and wake up - saving us over 20% on our previous bill.
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