Live Green and Earn Points


  • Robin L. 8 months ago
    I cut the greasy cardboard out with scissors or a sharp knife and recycle the non contaminated portion, or rip off the top if it's clean and recycle that. I love showing this method to people at pizza parties especially because it's so simple but it also makes people rethink trash vs recycling and how it's not always one or the other :)
    • Karen D. 8 months ago
      I do the same thing to my pizza boxes. Since I've joined Recyclebank, I'm much more aware of what is acceptable and what is not and I try to practice good recycling habits as much as I can. I'm trying to make a difference, one small recycling at a time...LOL
  • Angelina F. 8 months ago
    or actually COMPOST it! not trash it =)