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  • tommy b. 2 years ago
  • lisa p. 3 years ago
    Just don't use Air BNB - in my city, coporate landlord's are using an obscure act that allows elderly landlords who can't maintain properties to evict long term tenants, most of them real elderly people on fixed incomes and then once they clear the place, upscaling it and making it a "hotel" for Air BNB, getting more than a month's rent for one night. That causes more than just environmental damage, it empties out low-income neighborhoods and turns them into off the books hotels. Soon, the middle class and lower class will have nowhere left to live.
    • Celia C. 2 years ago
      It seems as though every good idea can be misused. I use AirBNB as a way of sharing resources more efficiently. But like everything else, you have to check your particular case and not abuse your host or your temporary neighbors.
  • Ann M. 3 years ago
    Noodles and Company offers local and sustainable food. We love to go there. I love almost all their dishes!!!
  • Ann M. 3 years ago
    We always bring our water bottles everywhere we go with frozen backups in a cooler.
  • Dona E. 3 years ago
    I recommend anyone needing to stay on the West Coast near the Monterey Peninsula stay at Asilomar. It is in Monterey, is part of the state park system, and the rates are reasonable for the area! There are no TV in the rooms, food is included and is served cafeteria style (and is 5 stars!!!), They ask you to reuse your towels and linens if you can. You can walk to everything, it's right on the ocean, they recycle everything and are completely green and Earth friendly. Park rangers keep an eye on things. A better place I've not been to.
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