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  • Mary B. 2 years ago
    I will have to plan on a real potted tree for next year to avoid toxics in my house.
  • Mary B. 2 years ago
    I never knew that artificial trees are made from PVC and a toxic petroleum product.
  • Michele S. 4 years ago
    For those in the New Jersey area, the Raptor Trust in Millington accepts old artificial Christmas trees (free of lights, decorative spray, tinsel or decorations) for use in their bird enclosures:
  • Gina L. 4 years ago
    One more good thing about buying an artificial tree is to re purpose the branches and pole. There are many Christmas projects you can make from the branches. The main shaft can be used for a number of household or other projects. You can also recycle the main metal pole.
  • Dona E. 4 years ago
    We now have a sweet cat who eats anything that looks like a plant, even silk fake spider or ivy plants! She tried to eat the needles right off the branches her first year and we had to keep the tree in a room with the door closed that year. So, all the Christmas ornaments the following years have gone on our "compromise trees". We put many of our favorite ornaments and new led lights on our 2 HUTCHES!! They were once were pine trees! And no breakage now. The old lights go outside on the house, and the birds enjoy the extra heat, especially when they eat their evening meal at the feeders right next to the lights!The old glass ornaments fomr the 1950s from my husband's family look beautiful hanging from the many cup hooks deep inside the shelves (for safety) yet shine from the lights. Magic!
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