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What is Xeriscaping?

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  • tommy b. 2 years ago
  • Barbara W. 2 years ago
    Anyone -????- In the Reward area / magazines do you know what the 2 Heavy Stripes means that are on top and bottom of about 1/2 of the magazines?
    • Rafael R. 2 years ago
      I just noticed it... Hadn't paid attention to it now... I want to know
    • Lila L. 2 years ago
      I think I've figured it out: the black bars on a magazine reward denote a 2-year subscription as opposed to a 1-year sub on those without the bars.
    • Barbara W. 2 years ago
      what about the Golf mag (that is the ONLY one) with a wide blue stripe down one side ??
    • Barbara W. 2 years ago
      I see that the heavy striped ones say " on-line reward" it dos not mention if it can also be "mailed" or not. If so, its a little deceiving .
      If its "either/ or" they should SAY SO CLEARLY!
  • Julie B. 3 years ago
    Gardening with plants that are native to the area