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What is single-use plastic?

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  • John D. 2 years ago
    Summer [shorter beard] Santa's back!
  • Luz G. 2 years ago
    it's hard to avoid, manufactures and packaging on the industry side has to change! ...most of the packaging of cheeses and other food products are single plastic use so even if I avoid the grocery store bags and bring my own still producing a lot of single use plastic waste. =(
  • tommy b. 2 years ago
  • Audra M. 3 years ago
    I was just saying to my husband the other day that my sister and her family and my mom are singlehandedly destroying the environment with their use of plastic straws!
  • June S. 3 years ago
    I can easily avoid using plastic straws and plastic grocery bags, but avoiding other single use plastic is more difficult. I don't buy single serve water bottles, but since my local water has been contaminated by GenX, not to mention loaded with fluoride and chlorine, I buy bottled water in gallon size bottles. I also buy some soda. My favorite soda was in glass bottles, but it has disappeared from my stores so that's not an option any more, sadly. But it's not just drink bottles that are in single use plastic - how about ketchup, mustard, mayo, cooking oil, salad dressing, etc., etc., etc. It is difficult to avoid all single use plastic and gets harder every day as more and more companies switch from glass to plastic. I reuse glass; I do not reuse plastic for the most part.
    • Cheryl C. 3 years ago
      Most of those containters you mentioned are not single use and can be recycled.
    • June S. 3 years ago
      I do recycle them. I do not reuse them and I'm sure most people don't either. I consider it "single use" if I don't reuse it. Most plastic containers for soda, water, ketchup, mustard, mayo, cooking oil, salad dressing, etc. have very small openings and would be difficult to wash thoroughly - especially without a dishwasher. It's just not practical for me to reuse any of those types of items.
    • Barbara B. 2 years ago
      I have a filter that easily mounts on the kitchen faucet. ( Walmart). Flip the switch and it filters the water for drinking. Do nothing and get reg water for other uses. The replacement filters just slip right in. Costs a LOT less than bottled water!
    • June S. 2 years ago
      That type of filter doesn't take care of the GenX in our water. Supposedly the only filter that removes GenX is a reverse osmosis system, but they aren't 100% positive that even that works.