Live Green and Earn Points


  • Anne and Peter K. 1 day ago
    Thank you for doing this. Never too old to learn!!
  • Sterling H. 30 days ago
    Interesting to know.
  • Barbie B. 4 months ago
    It is always prudent to research companies when they start claiming how green they are as I have found many are misleading the public since green is so visible now. I try to educate my family, friends, and clients on this.
  • Doris W. 4 months ago
    Well THAT was an eye-opener! Kind of makes me angry at the deception. :-(
    • Barbara W. 4 months ago
      To bad they don't give us a list of Who ( which companies) and How much!

      Its seems these days its Ok for everybody from the Top on down to lie / oh excuse me ..misspeaks. NOT OK !!!!!!
  • Naomi M. 4 months ago
    So not all green companies are really green :(
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