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What is an example of a contaminant in recycling?

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  • Jack A. 2 years ago
    The 5 points button is not working. It won't give me the points. I've been having this problem for the last 2 weeks. I can get the daily pledges just fine.
  • tommy b. 2 years ago
  • John D. 2 years ago
    I think they can handle 'some' food residue on certain items but obviously not paper as it's absorptive. On the one hand better safe than sorry when it comes to informing, on the other hand many folks trash recyclables because prep is too much trouble; need a compromising solution.
  • Gayle K. 2 years ago
    Hmm... this question is from last year. Recycled?
    • Barbara B. 2 years ago
      New people join all the time, therefore it would be New to them and a re-view to us. Yes I also recognize questions from the past , so maybe I learned something.
    • Geff G. 2 years ago
      go back thru previous QOTD's & u'll notice that they have about a 10 month's supply of questions before repeating.
  • Deborah W. 3 years ago
    That would be common sense not to leave food on anything in recycle.
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