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What is a most common brand name for foamed polystyrene? 5

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  • Beverly D. 6 months ago
    Going green s easier to do in states that pay well such as California is with there cans and bottles not so much in the state of Ohio so sad that it's the way but I don't let it stop me from doing my part
  • Galina H. 6 months ago
    Like this section very much, - it helps to revive my school knowledge as the information is stored in the deep of memory and I feel good when I am able to obtain this information despite of my senior age, - of course together with understanding of the importance of recycling/reusing/repurposing for our beautiful Earth. Thank you!
  • Dale G. 6 months ago
  • Marc C. 6 months ago
    Love these Daily Questions! Keep it going! :)