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What are the top 3 greenhouse gases generated by the US?

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  • tommy b. 2 years ago
  • Cindy W. 2 years ago
    I would like to see gift cards come back. They have this long list of rewards and only one, free magazine subscriptions, is available.
    • Barbara W. 2 years ago
      I send magazines sub to friends as a Thank You for some small something. They do not want their e-mail address given out once again! Most like the FEEL of the mag "in hand", something the computer can't do!
    • Barbara W. 2 years ago
      I also would like gift cards!
    • Cindy W. 2 years ago
      That might be a nice gift, except most of my friends don't like the clutter that magazines bring to the home. The few who do have magazine subscriptions have what they want and don't want anymore. The magazines I would be interested in would be Birds, Ranger Rick, Highlights, Kids National Geographic, Crafts that reuse items, woodworking, and other magazines that actually encourage helping to keep our earth clean.
  • Barbara W. 2 years ago
    So there IS hope for the Question of the Day to come back!...YES!
    • Barbara W. 2 years ago
      Its been a rainy hot and difficult Spring and Summer. The problems here began around the same time ..mid-May, June and July. Maybe things will turn around, both with the weather and here!
    • Barbara W. 2 years ago
      Now what about the "Because You Asked" ? When I check the "Live Green" above the SAME girl about the pods is there, tired of looking at her! Well one thing at a time!!