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Use an eco-friendly toothbrush holder

By Shomik Ghosh |
Give your toothbrush a green resting place by using a bamboo toothbrush holder, or try one made of recycled glass.
Many toothbrush holders are made from petroleum-derived plastic, a material that causes air and water pollution throughout its lifecycle. Others are made from chrome, which is obtained through open pit mining that pollutes the air with particulate matter and heavy metals. Eco-friendly alternatives do exist however. Toothbrush holders made from recycled glass minimize the use of virgin resources to create new products and keep waste out of landfills. Toothbrush holders made from bamboo are crafted from a rapidly renewable material that does not require the use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers to thrive.

Using an eco-friendly toothbrush holder helps you go green because…

  • Crops such as bamboo grow quickly, are easily renewed, and reduce the strain on valuable forests.
  • With recycled glass, you are helping give second life to materials that might otherwise enter the waste stream. And you are not promoting the use of virgin resources, which can be energy intensive and harmful to the environment.
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