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  • Barbara C. 7 years ago
    I put the used tea bag in the compost pile. The paper tag is very biodegradable, and the birds can recycle the tea string in their nests. I like Celestial Seasonings tea, but without the string, I have to be careful I don't burn my fingers taking it out of the teacup!
  • M H. 7 years ago
  • tommy b. 7 years ago
  • Bonnie K. 8 years ago
    I use a metal tea ball, have had it since 1969 when I got my first apartment. I also use Celestial Seasonings teas.We always save the tea and coffee grounds for compost or put in garden straight up for plants.
  • Deborah M. 8 years ago
    Sure, tea bags are great for my compost, but I also use a tea ball. Someone gave me a few boxes of flavored teas in those little plastic cups that you are supposed to use in those fancy tea and coffee makers. I just empty the tea into a tea ball and make my tea!
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