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  • Lukas H. 7 years ago
    PEVA is neither biodegradable, nor is it "made without chlorine and other toxins".
    PEVA is made by adding carcinogen monomer vinylacetate to ordinary polyethylen (wich is in turn absolutely un-biodegradable!)
  • Desi F. 7 years ago
    as i always knew about the vinyl curtain being very toxic, i didnt know of other option that were available to buy...thank you for the info
  • Bethany H. 7 years ago
    This is such perfect timing, a rowdy house guest accidentally torn our old shower curtain clean off, and I have yet to buy a new one. I think I'll look into the hemp option :)
  • tommy b. 7 years ago
  • A B. 8 years ago
    Like those ideas
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