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Reuse paper

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It's easy to keep unused paper around to use as scrap paper for grocery lists, etc.
Reusing paper saves virgin trees from being harvested, water and energy from being used, and greenhouse gases from being emitted in the production of new paper products. It will also save you and your business money.

How to reuse paper

There are lots of clever ways to reuse paper in your home, office, and elsewhere.

  • Print on the back side of once-used (single-sided) paper.
  • Use paper that has print on only one side to make scratch pads for notes and kids' crafts.
  • Turn those direct mail envelopes into scratch pads.

Reusing paper helps you go green because…

  • The pulp and paper industry consumes 42 percent of all wood harvested for industrial uses.[1]
  • Paper products make up the largest component of garbage produced by Americans.[1]
Reusing paper is a low-tech way to reduce the amount of paper used at home, on the job, and elsewhere. At least 90 percent of the printing and writing paper used in the US comes from virgin tree fiber.[2] By reusing paper you reduce the amount of new paper consumed, which prevents clear-cutting of forests; reduces the use of water, energy, and other chemicals required in paper production; and cuts the amount of global warming gases added to the atmosphere.

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