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Purchase a duplex copier

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Make it easier for employees to double-side with one of these copiers.
Duplex copiers will help you cut paper and energy costs in your school, or church. In fact, compared to conventional copiers, machines with duplex modules can save nearly 30,000 sheets of paper in an average year and close to $200 in energy costs over the lifetime of the unit.[1] Duplexing also reduces postage and mailing costs and their associated transportation expenses, as well as filing and storage space.

Find it! Copiers with duplexing trays

To be sure you've got an efficient machine, look for one that duplexes at least 80 percent as fast as it performs one-sided copying. Then, be sure to set your copier to default to duplex mode so that most of your copying comes out this way.

Purchasing a double-siding copier helps you go green because…

  • It'll cut paper consumption by 30 to 35 percent.
  • Double-sided copies require less energy, so fewer greenhouse gases will be emitted.
The average office worker contributes about 1.5 pounds of paper waste to the solid waste stream every day, adding up to about 350 pounds per year, or 2.5 tons annually, in a 15-person office.[2] Copiers equipped with duplexing trays and corresponding double-sided copying policies can reduce paper use by 30 to 35 percent.[3]

Volusia County, Florida recently upgraded 287 copiers to ENERGY STAR models with duplexing trays. Though these machines were costlier than conventional models, the extra costs were recouped through double-siding and energy-saving measures within one to two years.

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