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Print on both sides of the paper

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If you have to print at all, use paper that already has one side printed on, or if your printer will allow, print on both sides when using new paper.
Printing on both sides of paper ensures that you cut your paper use nearly in half. This protects forests, avoids pollution, and saves money.

How to print on both sides of the paper

  1. Change the default setting on your printer or copier to double-sided printing.
  2. Be sure that your computer print settings also default to double-sided printing.
  3. If available, purchase a duplexing attachment for your printer, which will transform it into a double-sided printing machine.
  4. When your printer cannot double-side automatically, do it manually. Print all odd pages, then put those sheets back into the paper tray to print the even pages on the clean side. When your current printer needs to be replaced, remember to purchase one with a duplexer.

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Printing on both sides of paper helps you go green because…

  • It can cut your paper use nearly in half.
  • Using less paper means healthier forests and decreased pollution.
The average American goes through hundreds of pounds of paper each year.[1] Choosing to double-side paper can reduce the amount of paper Americans use by nearly 50 percent. This not only saves trees, but also money since it reduces purchasing costs, as well as potentially reducing storage, copying, printing, postage, disposal, and recycling costs.[2]

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