Live Green and Earn Points


  • A B. 7 years ago
    No tv watching here
  • tommy b. 7 years ago
  • Meg P. 7 years ago
    The only time the tv is on is when there is a threat of tornadoes in the area. We READ! Imagine that!
  • Janis B. 8 years ago
    doing all the time
  • Dlee W. 8 years ago
    We do recycle and have been even before we read and knew a lot about it!!! We are doing all we can to recycle everything possible.
    • Brad B. 8 years ago
      This article has nothing to do with recycling. . . . I hope you read it and understand the impact of TV use. I could probably do better with my habits but the one tip I think should be mentioned is to be sure to turn off TVs while sleeping. That's a pet peeve of mine with some folks I know. Set a sleep timer, at least! lol
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