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Opt for used furniture

By Shomik Ghosh |
Because babies grow so fast, many of their basic necessities are barely used by their first owner. Spying bargains at secondhand baby stores can save you a bundle and cut down on your new resource consumption, too.
Opting for a used crib, or bedroom set is a great way to reuse existing products, thereby reducing the number of natural resources used and keeping useful items out of landfills. It's also usually more cost-effective compared to buying new!

How to find secondhand furniture

Trends in interior design have made old-style furniture very popular. Here are some ways to find stylish pieces for your whole home:
  1. Measure first: Measure how much space you have so that you don't buy something too big. Take a measuring tape when you go shopping.
  2. Online bargains: Search online for thrifty options through one of the many secondhand furniture services.
  3. Local, thrifty: Take a trip to secondhand, charity, or consignment shops, as well as auctions, flea markets, garage, yard, and estate sales.
As you search, think quality. Look for pieces that are sturdy and well-made so they will continue to last a long time. But no matter how hard you look, some furniture you find will need a bit of TLC. If you find yourself having to remodel an old piece of furniture, keep these green principles in mind:
  • Cushioned pieces such as a couch or a chair often require reupholstering. Make it over with natural fabrics and foam.
  • When removing old components, work to recycle the materials whenever possible.
  • If a bit of paint or stain is needed to spruce up the old wood, opt for low-toxin finishes to avoid volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Find it! Online used furniture vendors

There are many websites that offer a place for you to buy, sell, or trade furniture. Some, like Freecycle, even allow people to give away used furniture and other items for free in exchange for you taking them away yourself.

Opting for used furniture helps you go green because…

  • It reuses existing products, which ultimately saves money and natural resources.
  • It reduces pollution associated with making new products.
  • It cuts the quantity of bulky stuff entering landfills where it can contaminate soil, air, and water.
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    Someone please recycle tommy b
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    Please use extreme caution when buying a used crib! Many are unsafe and can have tragic consequences. Crib slats should be no more than 2 3/8 (60mm) apart - a soda can should not fit. Traditional drop-side cribs are also dangerous. Please refer to Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) for more information related to crib-related hazards and recalls. It's great to be green, but please be safe.
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    I have bought used strollers and cleaned them up at garage sales.
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