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Install waterless urinals

By Shomik Ghosh |
Cut your office's water addiction down to nil with these water-free toilet options.
Call those urinals what you want — waterless, water-free, flushless, zero-water, no-flush — these typically male toilets are water savers no matter how you put it, cutting water use to absolutely nothing.

Find it! Waterless urinals

There are many models and styles to choose from when it comes to flushless urinals, and no matter which device you settle on, not only will you save a few flushes, you could also qualify for LEED credits.

Waterless urinals help you go green because…

  • They save enormous quantities of water.
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  • tommy b. 3 years ago
  • Randy F. 3 years ago
    A lot of resorts, casinos, office buildings are installing these (mostly for LEED Credit$). They are a good idea BUT they end up being costly, high maintenance and/ or smelly: They are costly to purchase & set up. For home use it is fine since you learn the rules but in mass use locations the ordinary Joe isn't trained how to use them or should I say not use them. You can't "go" against he back side since it won't rinse it away (smell) then you can't throw Ice, Chemicals (food safe or otherwise), or a whole unwanted drink etc. in fear of breaking the secret substance seal that is supposed to keep the smell down . . . and when newbies break the rules the urinal essentially breaks down. Many people still deposit all kinds of things in toilets & urinals that can't be flushed away with low or no flow. Then a service person must come in, clean, and inject new fluids on top of the water line every time it gets depleted or clogged. Multiply that by twenty or thirty urinals used in public high traffic areas and one gross smell is created; wafting meters out from the entrance. Personally, the few ounces of water is worth it. Hands down. I favor the re-use of a gray water line for this use. BTW, there is a sink coming that sends used water to the commode along with some fresh water for a greener flush.
  • mary B. 3 years ago
    Our company is looking into these.
  • SA A. 3 years ago
    i really am interested in this! Sounds interesting.
  • cindy r. 4 years ago
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