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Give out scarily healthy Halloween treats

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When the doorbell rings, welcome trick-or-treaters with tasty treasures that won't scare the earth. Some of the basics: look for organic, as well as no artificial flavors and colors.
When the doorbell rings, welcome trick-or-treaters with tasty treasures made with natural and organic ingredients. There are lots of hungry Halloween mouths to fill and lots of candy (most of it artificially flavored) that gets consumed which means that a small change can make a big difference.

  • 36 million: Number of trick-or-treaters [1]
  • 26 pounds: 2006 per capita annual consumption of candy by Americans.[1]
Choosing Halloween treats that are approved by Mother Earth will ensure your holiday is both body - and planet-conscious.

How to choose eco-treats even the pickiest ogre will love

Every year, the average trick-or-treater collects between five and ten pounds of candy in their Halloween bags. Give them tasty, yet healthy alternatives (or opt for non-eats instead!) by trying out a few of these alluring ideas:

  • Planet-healthy ingredients: Look for tasty treats made with organic ingredients. And if possible, seek out locally-made goodies.
  • Eco-packaging: Look for the least-packaged option whenever possible, but when packaging is unavoidable (yes, Halloween treats should be individually-wrapped), try to find options wrapped in recyclable or biodegradable materials. And if you make your own Halloween treats, use wrapping that's equally eco-friendly (like unbleached, natural wax paper).
  • Non-food tricks: If you're opting to hand out non-edible treats, also go for those made with eco-friendly materials. Give preference to items made with recycled content, sustainably-harvested wood, and those that can be recycled. Options include:
    • Recycled Mood Pencils made from 30 percent post-consumer newspaper that change color with the heat of a child's hand!
    • Recolored Crayons made from bottom-of-the-barrel crayons.
    • Picture Me Green Storybook, a full-color booklet printed with Ecosmart Ink on paper made with 20 percent post-consumer recycled content. The child explores as the main character!

Find it! Eco- and health-friendly treats

Don't have time to make your own Halloween snacks? We've got your back with these alternatives to traditional Halloween candy fare, made with Certified Organic ingredients like chocolate, fruit juices, cane sugar, grains, nuts and seeds.

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