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Drink natural soda

By Shomik Ghosh |
Although you may be loyally devoted to the P or the C, take a swig of a natural soda that swaps artificial ingredients for pure cane sugar and other better-for-you-and-the-earth ingredients.
Thirsty? Whether you're providing refreshments for the neighborhood BBQ, stocking the office fridge, or treating yourself to a fizzy midday pick-me-up, natural sodas offer much of the same as standard sodas but with health- and earth-friendly ingredients that are sometimes organically grown. Drinking natural sodas might even, gasp, be good for you.

Find it! Natural and organic sodas

Soft drinks are the lifeblood for many, but for those living the green life they aren't always the most eco- and health-friendly thirst quenchers. The beverages listed below are a perfect match for greenies with a penchant for pop. All can be found online or at specialty grocers like Whole Foods Market and at health food stores. And remember: after you empty the contents of that can or bottle, find your way to a recycling bin posthaste.

Before you buy

Is it the buzz you're after? You may want to reconsider drinking natural sodas (try switching to organic coffee, if you're so inclined) as many are caffeine-free although they still contain sugar to facilitate that sweet high. And given natural sodas are part of a small but growing niche market that sometimes includes organic ingredients, prices may be higher than their conventional brethren. Also, be aware that terms like "natural" or "100% natural" are not defined or regulated by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and do not guarantee organic-ness.

Drinking natural soda helps you go green because…

  • They swap high-fructose corn syrup, caffeine, and artificial sweeteners, flavors, and colors for more earth- and health-friendly ingredients.
  • Many natural soda companies follow additional green business practices.
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