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Craft a tricked-out reusable Halloween bag

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Cast a spell on Halloween bag-waste by opting for reusable goodie bags made from eco-friendly materials and shine the green light on Halloween night.
Get your ghosts and goblins the trick-or-treating eco-tools they need by making or buying reusable Halloween bags. Swap out plastic bags (which require fossil fuels to make and can last a ghostly 1,000 years in landfills) for less scary options made with durable or recycled materials.[1]

How to create reusable Halloween bags

If you're the creative-type, try making your own frightfully-chic Halloween goodie bags from eco-friendly materials.

  • Boo-bag materials: Create a basic bag from pillow cases, scraps of fabric, old clothes or towels, used paper bags, and other found items around your house. If there are no materials lying around the house, buy some bamboo, organic cotton, or hemp fabric and make your own.
  • Sinfully decadent decorations: Add charm to your bag, bucket, or pail with leftover scraps of paper, glitter, and colored pens. Washable markers suitable for fabric are a great way to dress-up fabric bags or pillow cases. Just wash them afterwards to convert them back (or if the decorations don't wash out, use them next year)!
For more great do-it-yourself Halloween treat bag ideas, check out Martha Stewart, or DLTK.

Find it! Reusable Halloween treat bags

With witching hour fast approaching, make your trick-or-treat preparations a breeze by buying an eco-friendly pail or bag. Or if you've got time and a few spells left in you, make your own using these eco-textile and decorations.


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