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Choose toys made from sustainable wood

By Shomik Ghosh |
Clearcutting forests endangers animals and plants in woodland areas, and destroys forest habitat. Sustainably-harvested wood, on the other hand, preserves these natural treasures.
Choosing toys made from sustainable wood protects against deforestation, which prevents erosion, run-off pollution, and global warming, and preserves unique ecosystems and tree varieties.

How to choose toys made from sustainable wood

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an international organization working to protect the world's forests by tracking wood harvesting practices from the forest floor to store shelves. They're recognized by numerous nonprofit environmental organizations as the leader in sustainable forest management. To find FSC sustainable-certified wood products for your children follow these basic guidelines:
  1. When browsing in a store, be sure to look for the FSC logo on wooden toys. Most items made with FSC-certified wood have on-product FSC labels. However some companies aren't consistent about applying them.
  2. If a company claims that a product is FSC-certified, but it doesn't bear the logo, ask to see the supplier's FSC certificate and/or product tracking information, including invoices or receipts (which should indicate FSC-certification).
If FSC-certified wood toys aren't readily available at your local store, then check the Forest Certification Resource Center, which has a searchable database of suppliers and companies who are currently making and selling certified wood furniture. Look for those companies who use only FSC-certified wood.

Find it! Toys made from sustainable wood products

Find the perfect toy for your child with companies such as these that offer sustainable wood products.

Choosing toys made from sustainable wood helps you go green because…

  • Sustainably managed forests prevent deforestation, which in turn protects soil, waterways, wildlife, and ecosystems, and reduces global warming emissions.
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