Live Green and Earn Points


  • Meg P. 7 years ago
    actually sorting out seldom used sweaters to donate!
  • Barbara C. 7 years ago
    Instead of buying somebody else's ratty old cast-off, why not just learn how to repair your own old sweaters? Buy some matching yarn and a crochet hook or tapestry needle and mend your own old sweaters, or wear them under a blazer so nobody can see the patched elbows!
  • Bethany H. 7 years ago
    I actually just bought another second-hand sweater last weekend! I have quite the collection going.
  • tommy b. 7 years ago
  • Beverly M. 8 years ago
    I look for hand made sweaters in Thrift sops, etc. pull out the yarn and make new items, afghans. etc
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