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By Shomik Ghosh |
Rainforest Alliance Certified chocolate takes into account the welfare of the land and the farmers who depend on it. Now, that's sweet.
For chocophiles and those with an ordinary sweet tooth: when that next chocolate craving strikes and you reach for a chocolate bar certified by the Rainforest Alliance, know that you're not only getting a tasty treat, but that the chocolate was made from sustainably grown cocoa, which supports both the wellbeing of native ecosystems and the producer's economic and agricultural efforts. Consumer Reports rates this eco-label with the frog inside as "highly meaningful".

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Before you buy

Of the Rainforest Alliance Certified crops (cocoa, coffee, tea, vanilla, bananas, oranges, pineapples, flowers, ferns, guava, passion fruit, plantains, and macadamia nuts), coffee is probably the easiest to buy. Partnerships secured in 2007 with McDonald's UK, the Holiday Inn chain of hotels in the US, and Whole Foods Market locations in the US and Canada all factor into the expected growth of Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee.[1] Cocoa (which is made into chocolate) only began to be certified in 2004, so it's not yet as plentiful. You may need to order it online if you can't find it at your local natural foods store or gourmet food shop.

Choosing Rainforest Alliance Certified chocolate helps you go green because…

  • It's grown to safeguard natural habitats — by requiring shade cover, protecting waterways, and using minimal to no chemicals — while ensuring the fair treatment of farmers.
  1. Environmental News Network - As the Rainforest Alliance Turns 20, Its Impact on Global Markets Accelerates, and Sustainable Certification Comes of Age
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