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Choose an environmentally friendly backpack

By Shomik Ghosh |
Look for environmentally friendly backpacks made from hemp or recycled materials.
Many of the backpacks, sleeping bags, and other camping gear we use are made with petroleum byproducts or pesticide-treated cotton, plus additional toxic chemicals that can harm ecosystems and contribute to global climate change. Choosing eco-friendly backpacks made from organic cotton, hemp, or recycled plastic bottles reduces air and water pollution, protects the environment from toxic chemicals, and cuts down on landfill waste.

Choosing an environmentally friendly backpack helps you go green because…

  • Fewer toxic chemicals are released into the environment in the backpack's production and life cycle as compared to conventional backpacks.
  • Backpacks made from eco-friendly materials are not made with petroleum like vinyl backpacks.
  • A backpack made of organic cotton reduces the use of pesticides, which pollute waterways and threaten wildlife.
  • Backpacks made from recycled plastic bottles reduce landfill waste.
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