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Choose an eco-friendly high chair

By Shomik Ghosh |
As baby moves on up to the family table, make his seat comfy and green by choosing a high chair made from sustainably harvested wood sans toxic chemical finishes.
Your baby's perch at the dinner table may look green after a meal of pureed peas, but plastic and traditional wooden baby furniture is anything but. Avoid the chemicals, petroleum, and deforestation associated with conventional high chairs by opting for nontoxic and sustainably harvested wooden varieties, and make feeding time a lesson in love for the earth.

Find it! High chairs made from sustainable materials

Modern or classic, funky or functional, we've got high style high chairs for any discerning parent. For healthy alternatives, seek out high chairs labeled as no-VOC, formaldehyde-free, and as using water-based adhesives. And look for sustainably-constructed chairs made from eco-safe wood or recycled plastic.

Choosing a high chair made from sustainable materials helps you go green because…

  • You avoid the eco-ills of the petroleum industry required to make plastics.
  • Sustainably harvested wood protects forests and wildlife, and helps counter global warming.
  • High chairs that will not off-gas toxic chemicals protect indoor air quality and your family's health.
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