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Buy an eco-friendly wedding dress

By Shomik Ghosh |
And the bride wore green…While on the prowl for glamorous gowns, consider a dress made from sustainable materials like organic cotton, bamboo, or hemp. Or, have a dress custom made with the eco-friendly fibers of your choice.
Never mind the notion that donning an eco-friendly wedding dress requires the bride to walk down the aisle in an unflattering garment. Eco-friendly wedding dresses — made from sustainable materials like organic cotton, silk, and hemp — are a key component to any green fairy tale wedding.

Find it! Eco-friendly wedding dresses

There's no doubt that the wedding dress — capable of inspiring both fear and awe — may be the most contemplated piece of vintage route is one option, as is enlisting one of these dressmakers that cater specifically to green brides.

Before you buy

Costly alternatives?

The farming of industrial hemp in the United States has been virtually banned by the federal government for decades because of its similarity to marijuana and must be imported from countries such as England, Germany, and Canada. Bamboo is primarily grown in China's Zhejiang Province although it is grown domestically for commercial purposes on a much smaller scale in Alabama, Georgia, and Mississippi. For these reasons, the environmental costs of transporting bamboo and hemp long distances should be considered and higher retail prices (in comparison to conventional cotton clothing) should be expected.

Blended fabric considerations

Clothes made from hemp, silk, or bamboo may or may not be exclusively made from that fabric. Often, designers use fabric blends, usually incorporating cotton. Although organic cotton is usually used to make the garment 100 percent "natural" this isn't a steadfast rule.

Buying an eco-friendly wedding dress helps you go green because…

  • Wedding day duds made of hemp, organic cotton, bamboo, and other sustainable fibers are produced without the pesticides found in conventional cotton or the petroleum used in synthetic textiles liked nylon or polyester.
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  • tommy b. 3 years ago
  • Rosemarie C. 3 years ago
    I wore green on my wedding too. The dress survived but not the marriage.
  • Jim L. 3 years ago
    My daughter wore a dress previously born by a family member.
  • Barbara C. 3 years ago
    Why not wear your mother's old wedding dress? I thought that was the long-standing and "green" custom?
  • tracey s. 3 years ago
    I literally wore green. I found a gorgeous hand beaded vintage dress from a yardsale for $1 and wore it to my wedding. And it was a light green color. So pretty and I felt like a princess. Someone wore it to their prom in the late 50's and it was custom made.
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