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Buy an eco-friendly sleeping bag

By Recyclebank |

Sleep in warm, green comfort with these sustainable, natural options.

The green camping gear market is really taking off, and sleeping bags seem to be at the head of the pack. There's an excellent selection of eco-friendly sleeping bags available, boasting a range of features and temperature ratings.

Find it! Green sleeping bags

These eco-sleepers are made with a variety of green materials, including CoCoNa (a coconut husk fiber that's said to provide UV protection and odor management, while being quick-to-dry); post-consumer recycled content like plastic soda bottles in the shells and insulation; and even bamboo fill.

Before you buy

Green claims may not mean real-life eco-friendly products, so dig a little to be sure your recycled-content or renewable-fiber purchase is truly green. A recent study found that of the 1,018 products examined, all but one committed at least a few sins of greenwashing in an attempt to convince consumers that it was greener than it actually was.

Choosing a green sleeping bag helps you go green because…

  • Natural fibers like hemp, cotton, coconut husks, and bamboo reduce our dependency on non-renewable oil products.
  • Recycled-content products keep recycling programs alive, which make use of post-consumer materials, thus reducing resource and energy use.
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