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Buy a solar battery charger

By Shomik Ghosh |
Using the sun to charge your batteries may take a little longer but it's the greenest option. Surprise, surprise, it'll also cut your recharging expenses, too.
By buying a solar battery charger you're reducing the amount of batteries going in the waste stream and using the sun to charge them rather than emission-causing electricity!

Find it! Solar battery chargers

Solar cells are made of semiconducting materials similar to those found in computer chips. Photovoltaic (PV) devices are basically "electric glass" but technological advances now have made possible thin film solar cells with layers only a few micrometers thick. There are a variety of solar battery chargers available usually through electronics stores or online at specialty battery or solar websites. Many offer versatility that allows them to charge household rechargeable batteries as well as small electronic devices such as cell phones, iPods, GPS units, PDAs, digital cameras, CD players, and MP3 players.

Before you buy

Solar charges can take longer than plug-in chargers to re-power your batteries, sometimes up to a day or more. Having an extra set of batteries so that one can be charged while the other is in use helps address this issue.

Buying solar battery chargers helps you go green because…

  • The only power you need is the sun so you'll help to reduce air pollutants and greenhouse gases generated by traditional power grid sources.
  • Battery chargers, solar or plug in, juice up rechargeable batteries which can be used over and over again, cutting back on battery disposal and its toxic wastes.
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