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True or False: Different glass colors need to be separated and recycled with like colors. 5

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Glass bottles and jars can be blue, amber, green, and more, and while these colored glasses can all be recyclable, they need to be separated at some point before being processed or the chemicals that create the various colors will taint the whole batch. Learn more about glass recycling »

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  • Sabina D. 6 months ago
    My community doesn’t separate glass colors
  • Debbie M. 6 months ago
    hmmm...our recycling program allows us to put all the glass in together. It does make sense to separate though.
  • joanna l. 6 months ago
    I looked at the sheet from our city sanitation and there wasn't anything about separating glass by colors, so I am assuming that they are separated at the facility.
  • Audrey N. 6 months ago
    I’m pretty sure my recycler takes everything and they separate it there themselfs. I know I can put different colored wine bottles in and they get taken.
  • ava o. 6 months ago
    this I didn't know. Now I know why they didn't take the green bottles.
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