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  • Dawn T. 6 years ago
    I never thought about using wine bottles for borders. I'm going to try this. One of my favorite things to recycle is newspaper I till up weeds grass in an are I want to put plants or flowers in. Then I plant them and put newspaper all around the place that I tilled. Also I will till an area put newspaper down then much then add pots with plants and no weeds. I've had it last for years!!!
  • Meg P. 6 years ago
    interesting this came up again. Years ago I gather used bricks to creat a four square garden. The bricks were the borders and pathways, meaning I didn't need to compact the dirt when I weeded, planted and harvested. The beds were designed so I could reach into the middle from any side. I put the bricks immediately on the dirt, but weedbarrier would have been even better. This is a good older form for a veg garden and allows easy rotation of crops. Some crops should not be planted in the same space year after year, so a 4 year rotation was possible. Happy gardening.
  • Meg P. 6 years ago
    I have some concerns about glass. Bricks, flagstones (broken ones too small for a walk), sea shells - all sound good. Tires - no thank you. Glass can be broken by the lawn mower, and if the glass is thrown, it is a very serious hazard. Personally, I like the old roof tiles and bricks options the best.
  • Dee A. 6 years ago
    I would love to see some pictures of bottles being used as a border..
  • Sharon B. 8 years ago
    Everyone in my area is replacing tile roofs and the old spare tiles go into bulk cube side pick up. Roof tiles are the perfect size to create raised beds. I have also used glass blocks from the curb side pick up collections.
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