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Top 10 Recycled Birdhouses

By Trish Smith |
Check out these creatively designed birdhouses that use nothing but recycled and found items!


Check out these creatively designed birdhouses that use nothing but recycled and found items!

I love this time of year because the grass starts growing, flowers start blooming, and most importantly, birds start chirping.  I love waking up to the sound of birds singing in full chorus, and I don’t even mind when birds loudly and annoyingly bicker over the latest earthworm to cross their path.  I’d rather hear the sound of nature over the sound of car alarms and police sirens any time.

One way that I like to show my appreciation for the birds is by putting up a birdhouse for them to gather and use as shelter.  Just as humans like to sit at coffee shops, drink their lattes and complain about life, I think that birds also like to perch themselves on a birdhouse, gorge their bodies with free birdseed and complain about how humans have almost completely obliterated their natural habitat.  Providing them a birdhouse is the least we can do after cutting down all of the surrounding trees.

Instead of going the traditional route with a brand new birdhouse, you can go green by putting up an eco-friendly birdhouse!  Here are 10 creative and unique birdhouses that are made from a variety of recycled products:

1. 14"H Ladybug and Copper Leaf Recycled Wooden Birdhouse

Featured on, this birdhouse is made from recycled wood.

2. Gourd Birdhouse

Get creative with your kids by working together to build this cool birdhouse!  All that you need is a gourd and some wire.  Find out how to make this on

3. Recycled Wine Cork Birdhouse

This birdhouse was hand-made by Arlene Wright-Corell and is featured on  Some of the recycled materials include: over 112 wine corks, old Styrofoam, a wooden picture frame, hot dog roasting sticks and the bottoms of beer and wine bottles.

4. Billbirdhouse

These cute houses are made from recycled billboard signs and found hardware.  They’re from the minds of Atelier Bom Design.

5. Spring Has Sprung Salvage Sign Birdhouse

Although this has already sold on Etsy, it’s still cool to look at!  This birdhouse was created by Old Crow Farm, and it’s made from 100% salvaged materials, including an old metal sign.

6. Glow-in-the-Dark Paint Can Birdhouse

This may be a bit too spooky for most bird enthusiasts, but it’s perfect if you love Halloween.  This birdhouse is made from an unused gallon paint can and is featured on Starling Ink’s Etsy shop.

7. Hand-Painted Schnapps Bottle Birdhouse

This artsy birdhouse is made from an old Schnapps bottle.  It was hand-painted and designed by artist Eileen Switzer.

8. Hardworking Man’s Boot Birdhouse

DinnerTimeChimes sells this amazing birdhouse on Etsy.  The birdhouse is made from an old boot, recycled lumber and scrap metal.

9. Recycled Fabric Birdhouse

Made from recycled fabric by the ultra hip Parisian designers from Serendipity.

10. Computer Tower Birdhouse

Featured on, this birdhouse is actually made from an old computer tower!


So, what do you think of these birdhouses?  Are you ready to make one of your own?  I am!

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