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  • Orlando M. 1 month ago
    Can those plastic connectors for six packs be recycled?
  • Butter F. 6 months ago
    I used a glass jar as a vase for the flowers that are on my dad and mom's kitchen table.
  • Kerry U. 6 months ago
    Any more ideas for perfume bottles? If not, I'll just recycle them. I have blue, pink, and clear glass bottles. I just remove and discard the pump to recycle, correct?
  • Sarah K. 6 months ago
    I dye my old candle jars and paint them. I recently made a set of Adventure Time themed jars that I use to hold my crafting supplies.
  • Orlando M. 6 months ago
    Can broken window glass be recycled?
    • Gina L. 6 months ago
      Great question. From what one reads on this site it is not a good thing. However, just the other day I was out when the recycle truck came. As they were compacting the materials, just as a typical garbage truck, glass fragments were flying out everywhere. I asked why they smash glass when I have heard it was so hard to sort at the recycling center. They were just doing what they were hired to do and had no answer. I was told they would ask. I doubt I will ever get a true answer.
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