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  • erica m. 1 year ago
    I had everything on the list already in the house, except for a pack of erasers. Some of the supplies have advertisements on them, but fine by me. Also I am not picky about brands. I do not appreciate teachers demanding certain brands of crayons, zip baggies, tissues, etc. If it's good enough for my household, it's good enough for the classroom. In our family we really do not waste office/craft supplies, so it is also disheartening that some teachers use a lot of non-recyclable craft supplies and throw away perfectly good but used markers, crayons, etc., just to have brand new. Would be nice to see schools get better about being green in their choices and to use leftover supplies to the very end, or at least donate to after school programs, nursery schools, nursing homes, senior centers, something.
    • Barbara W. 1 year ago
      You are certainly correct about brands. How about actually teaching about recycling in schools , and then practicing it. Kids learn by example!
  • Luanne S. 1 year ago
    Talk to your school about starting a Stockpile Area where all parents can donate excess supplies and those less fortunate can receive what they need through their teachers drawing from the stockpile
  • Geff M. 1 year ago
    Sweet! Take notice this posting is worth 10 pts as there are TWO black-colored 5 pt click boxes - FYI
    • Barbara W. 1 year ago
      YES, people need to actually READ all of the article and not just go for the points only ...checks and balances!
  • p g. 1 year ago
    I give my public school kids the minimum, rather than the excessive amount they sometimes ask for. A lot goes to waste when they have, say, 24, pencils per kid. One year a kid was breaking his pencils over and over 'cause he knew he could always get another one. Such as waste. At homeschool we use every scrap around and work pencils to the nub.
  • Virginia S. 2 years ago
    You can always donate extras to the homeless shelters!
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