Live Green and Earn Points


  • Deborah W. 2 months ago
    Always repairing something - Gorilla glue , duct tape, wire , using my ingenuity.
  • CECILIA F. 4 months ago
    I am a real estate agent in Akron Ohio. Many of my listings are abandoned homes with junk and some furniture inside. The banks usually have a contractor clean the places out and I have no control over where they dump. I try to take usable items home, clean them up, and take them to Goodwill or Salvation Army. Mirrors, dishes, folding chairs, wood items, etc.
  • Carol M. 4 months ago
    Looking for Harris Teeter rewards!
  • BerNiece K. 4 months ago
    We replaced the seals in our LG HD front loading washing machine. It took us two days and approximately $180. But that's SO MUCH BETTER than $750 or more to replace it.
  • Roberta M. 4 months ago
    We've fixed the dog's gate for the 3rd time. It's one of those stand alone gates and is wonderful.
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