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  • Jennifer S. 30 days ago
    I'm sure it has been said and I am surprised it does not state on here--NEVER give children rigid metal or plastic straws!!! They are a safety hazard, if they are running or trip or fall the straw can cause serious punctures and injury. It appears bendy silicone options are available but parents do your homework.
  • Leslie L. 1 month ago
    Large straws for smoothies are nice to have and can be cleaned with a couple of pipe cleaners twisted together and dishwashing liquid. This also works for all straws that come with tumblers, etc. Just use one or more pipe cleaners depending on the diameter of the straw.
  • Teresa S. 1 month ago
    It never crossed my mind before about Qtips. I usually purchase the least expensive ear swabs no more for what it does to our landfills I can spend a few more cents.
  • Rhonda O. 1 month ago
    I never thought about Q-tips/ Glad to be using the correct ones. We are really trying to wean ourselves from straws and have bought washable ones. It is really hard when you are out and pick up a drink from a fast food place or gas station thouigh. Any body have any ideas?
  • joanna l. 1 month ago
    Not a fan of stainless steel straws or other "cute" reusables . If the item is not recyclable then it will wind up in a landfill someday. Use paper or bamboo straws and wrap food in aluminum foil.
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