Live Green and Earn Points


  • Henry L. 5 months ago
    Put all your decorative wine and other glass bottles filled with water on the window sill and let the sun heat up the water in the bottles and then the heat will radiate over night in the house to keep it warm.
  • Mary Kay L. 5 months ago
    I save my jars for storing little things in
  • Adrianne S. 6 months ago
    I save some jars and bottles to contain the Christmas gifts I make. The glass items all go through the dishwasher to be sure they are clean and I don't have to buy special containers for food items. I've re-used old spice jars for homemade items like flavored salts and seasoning mixes. My friends love these gifts!

    Since I have lemon trees, I make limoncello. Saved unique bottles make the gifts more fun!
  • Shirley M. 10 months ago
    we use all of our glass jars for either craft ideas, or recycling to the dump station.the kids love the we used the big plastic pretzel jars for winter scenes. all 3 are different and look good.
  • LUANNA P. 1 year ago
    Reuse GLASS BOTTLES in many many ways. Storage of small things in wood shops and in craft rooms. Mason jars and wine bottles have hundreds of re uses. See You tube channels for hundreds of videos on all manner of reincarnation of glass bottles. Tea pots and tea cups can be turned into planters and bird feeders, Broken china or pots can be made into mosaics. Get your inspiration on and reuse those glass bottles!
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