Live Green and Earn Points


  • Maria C. 24 days ago
    Thank you for the great ideas.
  • Andrew F. 1 month ago
    ok that hydroponic soda bottle window farm looks awesome, think i found a winter project
  • Beverly Y. 3 months ago
    Talk to local schools that have art classes. Most art teachers would love to have a source for things like plastic and metal bottle caps, glass or plastic jars with lids, toilet paper and paper towel rolls and much more . I have a dear friend that teaches art in high school, so I collect all kind of stuff for her. No one recycles glass around here, so she uses the jars for her paints. When they have a project, she measures out what they need from the larger can, and the paint is not wasted. The bottle caps and other things are used for art projects. I love when i get pictures from her of all the things they have made.
  • Natalie O. 4 months ago
    I am an artist. Our local Chinese takeout place uses some rather fancy plastic box with lids. I have used these to store pens and pencils. They are also a good size for packing a sandwich for lunch. I love the plastic coffee cans and use those for water for washing my paint brushes. They are also great for storage or for a mini bucket for cleaning around the house.
  • Frances L. 4 months ago
    I wish egg cartons would stop using Styrofoam .They should change to cardboard or recycled plastic or up cycled .
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