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  • Leila F. 6 months ago
    I’m getting inconsistent advice here between glass and aluminum. I lean toward aluminum because it doesn’t risk breaking but I think last week you were telling me choosing glass is better.
    • BenD@Recyclebank 5 months ago

      Hi Leila, 

      There are benefits and drawbacks to both glass and aluminum, and situations in which one will be a better choice than the other (and vice versa). Our goal is to provide information that will help people make informed decisions based on their circumstances. So, it depends a lot on context, and what your priorities are, whether to choose glass or aluminum.

  • Darlene B. 6 months ago
    I always have leftovers when I eat out, have always thought about taking a collapsible container with me rather than using the styrofoam ones the restaurant has.
  • lisa t. 6 months ago
    Plug your shower to see just how much H2O you're using. It'll stick in your mind next time. Plus, you can use that water to flush toilets or scrub the car, a task on which I wouldn't waste fresh water. Haven't touched plastic wrap in years...didn't even think it was still on shelves. I reuse cereal bags when I'm rolling out dough on the counter. Always carry one more cloth bag than I think I'll need...
  • Barbara W. 6 months ago
    The shower is the hardest one for me. The water fluctuates from cold to hot,.. to cold soooo quickly.
  • Geff M. 6 months ago
    RE #1 resolution above (shower) - i have 5-6 adjustable settings on the nozzle so i turned the water pressure to appropriate level on 1st setting & tested the pressure on each of the other settings. All the pressure settings were about equal until the last adjustment on nozzle where the water was blasting out. I set the appropriate spray volume for the last setting & ran it thru the preceding adjustments again & all the other adjustments were just trickling water... certain i am saving a minimum of 33% water use. In L.A. new construction & sales of ANY homes must be equipped w/energy efficient shower (shut off) nozzles... i mean, why must water be running when ur shampooing/soaping up???
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