Live Green and Earn Points


  • Bill A. 2 months ago
    Use water from the dehumidifier to water plants inside and out. My bucket is 2.5 gallons every other day and my plants love it.
  • Andrey V. 2 months ago
    Simple idea for organic (vegan) waste - blendering on old blender and drain into toilet.
  • Cheryl S. 6 months ago
    Last summer I forgot to add more stuff to our worm bin for a couple weeks and when I opened the bin lid a mass of fruit flies flew up into my face. Ewww!
  • Karen K. 6 months ago
    May I point out that washing the recycle box now and then, and using baking soda, will help with any smells?
  • Linda W. 6 months ago
    Well, that's good news to cat owners, since it means that consumers are asking for "greener" kitty litter!
    • Karen K. 6 months ago
      My cats won't touch either one--literally! I had a post-operative cat who couldn't use regular litter for a month (a cancer amputation) and the entire crew stood on the sides of the box for their deposits. I was never so happy to get rid of something in my life, since there were--um--accidents, too. All I can say is take the feline's tastes into account, too. This wasn't the first time I've had this problem. I've thought of getting one of the 'washable' types, but that's a lot of money if they won't use it.
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