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  • Cindy W. 2 months ago
    Plastic roads sound interesting to me. I also noticed how have it set up for ease of underground piping and wiring. Wouldn't it be great if they could find a way to use solar heating to keep roads warm enough that snow does not stick to the road. Imagine the savings with salt, sand and our vehicle not rusting underneath.
  • linda g. 5 months ago
    Please tell me if I should recycle or trash potato chip tubes like Pringles that have a paper outside but a metallic looking inside? What about salt shakers that have a paper tube, but a metal bottom and a plastic top?
    Linda G.
  • Sally W. 9 months ago
    What happened to the reuse of ground up tires combined with asphalt or cement for our roads? I thought we were also making rubber mats out of ground up tires. I have 5 recycled rugs made of recycled tires.
    • Stan T. 6 months ago
      Tires are now being recycled into creating renewable clean energy at an excellent price point; roads can use many other additives including plastic. By the way, the story of slippery plastic/asphalt roadways was debunked.
  • Sarah K. 1 year ago
    I'm interested in the plastic roads. Are they hollow to allow heated pipes to be installed to eliminate the use of harsh chemicals used during the winter months (which my car would appreciate) and how would they provide any type of traction?
  • Kathy L. 1 year ago
    Awhile back I read a newspaper article about a certain road curve tha Had a great number of accidents on it. (I'm sorry I can't recall which city it was in.) But after doing tests, they found that curve area had been redone with paving made from plastic bottles that had been recycled. The problem was especially bad in rainy weather. Kathy L.
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