Live Green and Earn Points


  • Pauline C. 3 days ago
    My children are grown now, but we still enjoy our Christmas trees of their childhood that are still alive and growing in our yard--providing pinecones for décor. and shelter for wildlife.
  • Marilu K. 1 month ago
    we wrap gifts in cloth bags that can be used at the supermarket the coming year
  • Kelly and Linda C. 9 months ago
    This year I did most of my shopping online. Saves time and gas from driving all over town shopping with the crowds. I also do baking and give them away as presents to everyone. I only have one goodie bar that I use the oven, all other balls and bars are not using the oven, but the burner for a very short time to melt choc.
  • Linda W. 10 months ago
    I make fabric bags for gifts. Reuse them each year. Easier to ship, no mess and reuse fabric. Many love the bags as much as gift
  • chelly c. 10 months ago
    "While we used to head to the fancy nabes on the other side of town, this year we’ve decided to save the gas and stick close to home, by hopping on our bikes instead. "

    It's been in the 30s and 20s with a wind chill even lower, but you are more than welcome to drive to my house, park your car, and ride your bikes 5 miles into town. Sure you would need to ride even further just to get to a decent neighborhood, but I'm sure you'll have fun.
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