Live Green and Earn Points


  • tommy b. 2 months ago
  • Lynn T. 3 months ago
    I save paper that I no longer need for note taking at my computer.
  • Gina L. 3 months ago
    Homes, schools, offices, etc need to go back to manual pencil sharpeners. The electric type work well but don't last long. Think of the electricity saved. People are just getting lazy and becoming a throw away society with even the smallest of common sense issues.
  • Bonnie R. 6 months ago
    I too save any/every piece of paper for notes, etc. Especially when I print out coupons! I could drown in the extra paper I have around. The problem with phone/computer notes, is it uses energy, and to turn the computer on and open an extra app, is problematic sometimes. On the other hand, I end up with all these pieces of paper...but still, that's what I do. I particularly like bill envelopes. both the ones sent as well as the payment ones, since I pay online. Have gone green, on some, but then need to print the bill for my records, and only do this if it saves the cost/fee for online payment. Fun fact: some of my credit cards that I have consistently paid online, have stopped sending the payment envelopes, stating you've been paying online, but not all of them, yet. fwiw
  • Debra T. 6 months ago
    I keep my junk mail for my niece. Now that she has learned to write she likes to make up names and addresses and fill out magazine subscriptions, credit card applications, life insurance applications, AAA, sweepstakes entries. We have lots of stickers for her "stamps". Next time she is here we are going to make her a mailbox (out of recycled materials of curse). I am sure her mailbox will always be full. It's a great "use your imagination" game and keeps her busy for hours.
    Can we recycle junk mail? Obviously nothing with my name and address on it, but the rest of it. The return envelopes that come with all my bills that I pay on line? The piles that are left over when my nieces mailbox is full? Can this be recycled? And if so, how does it have to be left for the recycle staff.
    • Cindy W. 2 months ago
      I like your idea about your niece practicing writing by filling out forms, applications, and addressing letters. You would be surprised by how many high school kids are unable to do this yet. I hope parents with young children pick this idea up.
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