Live Green and Earn Points


  • Maria C. 1 month ago
    Thank you for the information.
  • Marilu K. 2 months ago
    My grandparents used to have a drain switch that could redirect drain water to their outside lawn. They were definitely before their time. Sure could benefit the lawns in states that ration water usage. Use use soap water to spray on leaves to repel certain insects, so having the option of directing soapy water onto grassy areas seems like a win-win.
  • Christine Crain De H. 2 months ago
    Plastic Waste
  • E J. 2 months ago
    Good luck with this. We have at least one political party that constantly claims there is nothing we can learn from the rest of the world and/or their opinions/findings don't matter.

    The reality is that there is great innovation and experimentation going on around the world. There's a lot we could learn, if only we weren't so arrogant.

    I'd recommend the movie "Where to Invade Next", a tongue-in-cheek reference to the U.S. "taking" things from other countries -- in this case, good ideas.
  • Shelly E. 2 months ago
    I love all of the ideas posted and wish America would incorporate more of them at an affordable cost to all. The plastic recycle to fuel facility would bring more employment opportunities to it's people along with helping the environment.
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