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The List: 5 Green Goals for the New Year

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Making and working towards goals is an important part of our well being. This year, I’m making sure my resolutions are good for me and for the planet.

It’s another new year, and another chance for a fresh start! Even if by April I’ve slacked on most of my resolutions, I still love the process of thinking about how I can better myself and my habits, and making a list of things I want to change.

It’s more important than ever for American citizens to do their part to combat climate change, so I’m dedicating my 2017 resolutions to little things that I can do to reduce household waste, minimize energy usage, and live more sustainably. Here are some of my goals. I’d love to hear yours — be sure to post them below!

1. Keep my car clean. I recently recommended keeping a bag in your car to corral recyclables like scraps of paper and empty plastic bottles. This year, I’m going to practice what I preach by regularly cleaning up trash in my car (recycling what I can, of course) and encouraging my kids and husband to bring in their sports equipment, folding chairs, and other stuff that always seems to pile up in the back seat and the trunk. Not only will it feel good to make a habit of making sure that the recyclables make it to my curbside bin, but removing that extra weight will help save fuel, which is good for the environment, and my wallet.

2. Run errands on my bike. As much as I’ll enjoy driving around in my cleaner car, I do want to try to leave it at home when I can, to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. I recently got a crate that fits on the back of my bike, perfect for smaller grocery runs. With a new supermarket less than a mile from my house, there’s no excuse not to bike there.

3. Bring a collapsible water cup everywhere. I rarely order soda when I’m at a restaurant, usually opting for water instead. At many casual restaurants, this means that I’m issued a little plastic cup to use for my water, which then goes in the trash since most restaurants haven’t gotten onto the recycling bandwagon. To avoid this unnecessary waste, I’m going to invest in a couple of portable water cups that I can keep in my bag for using at restaurants or filling at water fountains. I estimate that I could personally save at least 400 cups from ending up in landfills with this small change… imagine how big that number would be if we all did this!

4. Recycle more consistently. I have a confession to make: When I was cleaning out my refrigerator the other day, I threw a few expired jars and plastic containers of leftovers in the landfill-bound trash. I know I should’ve emptied them of stinky food waste, washed them, and put them in the recycling bin, but I was too grossed out by what I might find (or smell!) if I opened them. I’ve been feeling a bit guilty ever since, especially when I imagine those containers bobbing along in an ocean garbage patch. This year, I promise I’ll take that extra time and I know that in addition to being better for the environment, those extra moments will make me feel better too.

5. Use up leftovers. I read recently that a staggering one-third of all food produced in the world, doesn’t get consumed (and believe me, that added to my guilt when I was cleaning the fridge!). It might take a little more planning, but this year I want to get creative about buying less food, using up what we have, and eating leftovers before they go bad. This might mean saying no to impromptu dinners out, or eating the same thing a couple of days in a row, but it’ll also mean a fridge that doesn’t require occasional emergency purging, and a lower grocery bill. Most importantly, it means less food in the landfills, contributing to the organic waste issue that can contribute to greenhouse gases.

What are your green goals for this year? Share your resolutions in the comments below.
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Jessica Harlan
Jessica Harlan

I love finding new ways to green my family's life as painlessly as possible, and sharing those ideas with folks who want to do the same.

  • Barbara B. 23 minutes ago
    I like the idea with the collapsible cups and will add that to my actions. I rarely eat out but I do spend time with my elderly Mother at her dementia care facility and can certainly eliminate disposable cup usage there! This year I also want to be more diligent with my kitchen scrap composting - I actually have already converted an exhausted broken wheel barrow and mix scraps with mulch from stump grinding a dead tree - it is working great and fast, even here in the deep southern winter. I am also planning to plant 2 more fruit trees this year and work on surface drainage manipulation so as to spread the water to more needy areas of my property. Still thinking on best way to capture rainwater from my roof - have to work on the erosion aspects first...
  • Bonnie G. 1 day ago
    Our chickens and guineas love a wide variety of left overs.
  • Sara T. 1 day ago
    I will gradually switch our light bulbs over to LEDs as the CFLs burn out. I already have 5 in the basement. I try to put the "opened on" date with permanent marker on items in the fridge so there is no guessing how long it's been in there. Just recently got 2 clear fridge drawers that go all the way to the back so no more lost items to spoil.
  • Helen H. 1 day ago
    Chickens love leftovers. They will reward you with fresh....really fresh eggs for your efforts at recycling.
  • Deborah L. 2 days ago
    Recycle, recycle recycle
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