Live Green and Earn Points


  • Brooke C. 4 years ago
    This is a nice comprehensive list. I've found success with local recycling and reuse stores. We do, however, try to recreate our toys before buying more or donating them. We wrote a little bit about this in our blog ( Thanks for the list of places to donate. I will be sure to bookmark for my upcoming spring cleaning!
  • Miriam B. 4 years ago
    My friend and I have about 500 barbie doll collection for sale. Rare, collector editions, dressed in factory-made and awesome handmade dresses, and also nude dolls. Low prices. Contact me if you're interested to buy dolls. Love, Miriam
  • Catie P. 8 years ago
    We donate to the local charity thrift shop, or to one of our scouting groups if they are having a yard sale
  • kristi k. 8 years ago
    I donate some items to other families, my sons school, or the goodwill.
  • Mike B. 8 years ago
    Our local children's zoo will take some used toys as enrichment toys for the animals there.
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