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  • Randy F. 6 days ago
    Artists / Artisans make "Mixed Media" works with stray, random, found objects. Often you will see chess pieces, small dolls, monopoly (or the like) game pieces along with other items used together, making something really meaningful.
    There was (pre-pandemic) a place in Pittsburgh that accepted these things and grouped other like items together and sold them. It was great for art teachers, crafters, etc.
    So even the most misfitten items could be bagged today and art tomorrow !
  • Brooke C. 5 years ago
    This is a nice comprehensive list. I've found success with local recycling and reuse stores. We do, however, try to recreate our toys before buying more or donating them. We wrote a little bit about this in our blog ( Thanks for the list of places to donate. I will be sure to bookmark for my upcoming spring cleaning!
  • Miriam B. 5 years ago
    My friend and I have about 500 barbie doll collection for sale. Rare, collector editions, dressed in factory-made and awesome handmade dresses, and also nude dolls. Low prices. Contact me if you're interested to buy dolls. Love, Miriam
  • Catie P. 9 years ago
    We donate to the local charity thrift shop, or to one of our scouting groups if they are having a yard sale
  • kristi k. 9 years ago
    I donate some items to other families, my sons school, or the goodwill.
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